• Nepalese Cultural Tour

Nepalese Cultural Tour


Nepal is a land of diverse ethnic groups and mosaic of cultures. Its landscape and lifestyles are filled with colorful festivals and festivities. One of the best ways to see and know Nepal is to take a cultural tour of the many cultural and religious landmarks that have been preserved for centuries.

Among them Kathmandu Valley stands out for its excellence in art, architecture and unique culture. The ancient Valley is home to medieval palaces, century-old temples and stupas and beautiful hilly spots that form its rim. Seven monuments within Kathmandu Valley have already been inscribed in UNESCO world heritage site. The hills surrounding the valley are perfect gateways to see pristine nature, feel serenity and the easiest way to touch the Himalayas. Then there are sacred religious spots scattered throughout Nepal. For instance, the temple of Muktinath, revered by both Hindus and Buddhists, in western Nepal is easily accessible. So is the ancient city of Janakpur, the birthplace of Sita and Lumbini, a world heritage site and birthplace of Lord Buddha, which are not to be missed.

A cultural tour is not to be missed when you are in Nepal. We offer some of the following tours that connects almost all the popular and important sites, however, tailor made packages are also available. Various combination of these tours are also possible.


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